Having clear objectives of what you require your website to do for you business and how to measure that success is a key for successful online business. We at smartwebsites.london aim not just to build sites which are creativity amazing but we intend to build for our clients sites which performs 24/7 from the time of a visitor comes to the site and the point they leave with the aim to getting them to easily buy from your site. Our developers work closely with customers to ensure they hear their end users feedback to ensure the site is easy to navigate and a great user experience.

In an age of mobile and smart phones we aim to build sites which are responsive i.e. where a request for the site is coming from a mobile phone the visit receives a great experience in display. Google has revealed that there are more search on mobile devices than desktop is your website mobile friendly?

We install clever code and analytic software to give your customer insight of how visitors come to their site and what they are looking at. Under the new Google guideline those sites which are mobile responsive will rank higher than others. Its all about giving the end visitors a great experience so they come back again and again leading to your business growth with increased sales.

We work with your customers to give them sites which work for them and more importantly at affordable prices.