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When a London based t shirt company wanted a website made they had something in mind which was a different requirement from the normal site. What they needed was a site which would work for them in a way where customers can get a quote online quickly. After analysing their t shirt printing costing we did a series of heavy customisation and algorithm building on the opencart underline php files to get a bespoke site which will work for the customer and their clients in getting the fast quote instead of waiting for back and forth emails. We at smart website London worked with the client for a period of 3 weeks to get a site which will work as an automated system from the time of orders, online paying using PayPal as the payment merchant, google shopping campaigns and SEO to achieve the ranking they wanted online. We worked with the client to make an amazing video animation so their visitors can see visually on the site & know instantly see what this company has to offer without even having to see all the pages and reading lots of content online. In a busy environment customers who need something they want it fast and quick delivery. This is the nature of the business and in a tough business environment the company which can respond to clients needs quicker and at low prices will win.

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