The landing page is essential the most important first glimpse of what the customer views when they land on your intended page of your product. Its said if the landing page is stunning, to the point, creative, clear and concise information then the visitors attention will be grabbed and the lead will generate a potential sale. It’s about combining your add to the relevant landing page to hook your audience to initiate a call or email or a the clicking to the add to cart button. All businesses need to ask a simple question – is my website making money for me and if not then what wrong with the landing page? How long and what do my visitors do when they land on my product page? If the exact information can be analysed we will better understand what your visitors do and how you can successfully make your visitor lead to a potential sale. We at spend time trying to analyse the visitors patter and then optimize to ensure each visit leads to a sale or a initiations of contacting the business.